Jon Stevens. Photo by WSS Photography.


Jon Stevens, Owner of Stock & Barrel, to Open Foxyco

The Design District restaurant will focus on fire and coal-based cooking.

Jon Stevens is standing on a ladder in the soon-to-be kitchen of his new 3,000-square-foot restaurant space in the old Bridge Bistro building. It’s dusty and unfinished, but the bones are in place. He hops down to give a tour. “Here we’ll have three six-tops that can turn into a big banquette,” says Stevens as he points to an area by the window that’s cluttered with kitchen supplies, including a Grillworks wood-fired grill.

“Over here there will be a den that’s ‘midcentury eclectic.’ We’ll have couches and low-slung chairs … it’ll be jewel tones. Purples and greens and blues. Also, antique brass.” The restaurant was designed by Hatsumi Kuzuu, and aside from the vibrant den space, will feature a color palette dominated by blacks, whites, and grays. The dining room seats 80. There will also be a six-top chef’s table facing the open kitchen.

Herringbone marble lines the base of the 15-seat bar, which will be led by Lauren Festa (The Mansion, FT33, Flora Street Café). “We’re going to focus on classic cocktails,” says Stevens. “And we’ll have six or eight house cocktails.”

As for the food, it’ll be similar to Stevens’ other restaurant, Davis Street’s Stock & Barrel, in that he’s focusing on wood-fired Modern American dishes. “We’re going to do a lot of ember cooking, it’s very fire and coal based with high acidity. It’s less fried and heavy than Stock & Barrel … we’re going to make our own dumplings and flatbread dough.” Expect to see Stevens in the kitchen along with a few other names that he can’t release yet.

So, what’s up with the name? “‘Foxy’ is a nickname for my wife,” he says. Foxy was already taken, so, after playing around with words, the duo came up with Foxyco.

They’re aiming to open on May 16, which is Stock & Barrel’s fourth anniversary, but will push back the date if need be. Foxyco is located at 921 N Riverfront Blvd. and will be open Tuesday through Saturday for dinner service. Lunch hours will be added eventually.