Photo provided by Teresa Nguyen.

International Food

Celebrate Thai New Year With a Food Tour

Temples and treats.

For years, I’ve sung the praises of the food stands behind the Buddhist Center of Dallas, where, as I wrote a few years ago, is the place to find the most authentic Thai food in our city. Thai New Year, Songkran, is the most important festival of the year, when street food, Thai dancing, and arts of various kinds come together in an all-day paradise of spring flowers and music around a koi pond, with a glittering temple as backdrop. The Thai temple will be the central of three stops on food tour that is the latest incarnation of DFW Thai Restaurant Week.

In 2016, a dozen and a half Thai restaurants banded together to launch DFW Thai Restaurant Week, offering special menus. Last year, the group expanded. This year, there’s a shift in tack. The owners of the sister restaurants Bangkok at Beltline and Bangkok at Greenville have gone out on their own, curating a more personal and intimate foodie experience involving a mini-bus, a tour guide, and three stops, which include Thai tea at Bangkok at Beltline, the street food and performances of the Buddhist Center of Dallas, and a final stop at Bangkok at Greenville.

If you don’t want Thai New Year to pass you by without a pile of chicken satay skewers and a peanut-scattered scoop of green tea ice cream, join this year’s foodie tour with commentary and treats. (Limited to 25 people.) Or, dare I say, head to the Thai temple on your own.

The event is Sunday, April 15 from 1 p.m. until 4 p.m.  Tickets are $63 per person and include your spot on the bus, food samples at each stop, tour guide, and  a small gift for the New Year. Tickets available here.