D Magazine Editor Outshines Dallas Stars, Plugs Our Coffee Guide in TV Appearance

Catherine Downes talks to Jane McGarry about Dallas' thriving coffee scene.

D Magazine dining editor Catherine Downes, adding “winning TV personality” next to “hand model” next to “award-winning photographer” on her resume, went on Channel 8’s Good Morning Texas program this morning to plug our coffee guide, a thorough digital rundown of the beans and baristas of Dallas. She was joined by Jonathan Meadows of Cultivar Coffee along with some of the cast of Dallas, in town for that show’s 40th anniversary.

Meadows pours up some of that hot brown, Patrick Duffy looks like an aging hippie who just wandered into the studio after an ayahuasca-sipping spirit quest, and Linda Gray says something shocking about putting butter in coffee. Go read our coffee guide for, as our well-spoken colleague puts it, “something informative, something fun, something delicious.”

We’ll let Jane McGarry and an auto-playing video (why, WFAA?) of this morning’s segment take it from here: