Photo provided by Sweet Tooth Hotel.


Get Your Tickets to the Sweet Tooth Hotel

The sugary pop-up opens May 18.

A few months back, vibrantly-colored, artsy images of candy, doughnuts and other sweets began to appear on Instagram, promoting the arrival of something called the Sweet Tooth Hotel. Little explanation could be found regarding what exactly this “hotel” would involve, though seemingly it would be heavy on sugar and pop art. Were we to expect a Willy Wonka-esque hotel (or perhaps a very funky Airbnb) complete with gumdrop-filled bathtubs, chocolate fountains, cupcake-shaped pillows, and scratch-and-sniff fruity wallpaper? Details were sparse, but I, for one, was intrigued.

It turns out that Sweet Tooth Hotel is not really much of a hotel at all. It’s being billed as a “sugar-fueled art and retail pop-up” and will be operating May 18 through June 30 in Victory Park. While it’s still not entirely clear what one can expect when they arrive at Sweet Tooth Hotel, this slightly mysterious event has certainly got my sweet tooth aching for more. Here’s what we do know:

Sweet Tooth Hotel is being crafted in a 1,200-square-foot space that will feature work from many Dallas artists. They’ve created a series of five interactive sugar-themed rooms, each based on popular sweets. That leaves a lot to the imagination, but we’re promised that each room will have “many hidden surprises to uncover.”

Additionally, there will be a large gift shop featuring a selection of dessert-themed products (apparel, accessories, stationary, greeting cards, and of course, some edible delights) from high-end brands such as Leatherology, Hairstory, Read Between the Lines, and Valfre. JOY Macarons will be doing custom macaron six-packs, each flavor based on the themes of the various aforementioned rooms. Other local artisan chocolatiers and candy crafters are to be announced at a later date.

The concept is brought to us by husband-and-wife team, Cole and Jencey Keeton. Jencey states, “Our inspiration for Sweet Tooth Hotel came from a mix of performance, retail, and installations we’ve encountered throughout our careers. We felt that this was the perfect time to tackle a project like this in Dallas, as so many developers are investing in public art programs and it’s time to amplify the creative talent we have in Dallas.”

If you’re interested in attending, you must buy tickets from their website, as no tickets are available at the door.