A rendering of what's to come.


City Tavern to Relocate to Mid Elm Lofts

The new location is less than two blocks away from the original.

City Tavern, which opened on Main Street in 2004, is relocating to 1512 Elm Street. It’s moving into something called the Mid Elm Lofts, which, according to the press release I have in front of me, is “a new historic redevelopment with retail and restaurant space.”

The 1,817-square-foot space is slated to open June 1. I Google Mapped the new location. It’s .1 miles away from the original, about a three minute walk. Maybe two minutes if you have long legs.

There’s no word on when the original location will officially close, but hang tight for an update.

Update from owner Josh Florence: “We’ll continued to operate as long as possible. I’ve never moved a business before so we’ll have to see how it works out. But the goal is to close the Main Street location and within a week or less open the Elm Street location.”


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