Method Coffee


Common Desk Buys Method Coffee

The coworking space company plans to rebrand one of the best coffeeshops in Dallas.

Big news today for co-working coffee drinkers in Dallas. Common Desk, the Dallas-based company that rents out space to remote-working young people and millennials-at-heart, has bought Method Coffee.

The Dallas coffeehouse’s Ross and Hall storefront, already brandformed—a phrase I’m trying out to describe brand transformations—temporarily into the Christmas pop-up “Deck the Hall Street,” will be subsequently brandformed into something else on Jan. 1. Same goes for Method’s downtown Saint Paul Place building kiosk, 21 floors below D Magazine HQ. Pretty good coffee. In fact, in 2015 D Magazine named the Hall Street location the best coffeehouse in Dallas.

Common Desk’s four North Texas spaces will be spared a full brandformation, but freelancers opposed to working and drinking coffee in, say, a coffeeshop, can expect new coffee. So can the small businesses and teams taking advantage of a smart and useful business model, all respect due. The company’s recruited a hard-roasting hotshot with a history at the Joule’s Weekend Coffee to “to facilitate their full-on transition into the coffee game.”

Daily Coffee News, which is a thing from Roast Magazine, also a thing, has the details.