Photo provided by Malibu Poké.

Opening and Closings

Malibu Poké Opens on Tuesday, November 28

The trendy concept comes from the team behind TJ’s Seafood.

Poké, not to be confused with the act of jabbing your finger into the person or object currently to your left, is still one of Dallas’ hottest food trends. The Hawaiian fish salad really took off this spring. Now, there are more than 40 restaurants in North Texas serving the dish.

In April, Nancy mentioned that Jon Alexis, restaurateur and owner of TJ’s Seafood, would open Malibu Poké at at 3888 Oak Lawn Ave. in Turtle Creek Village. Well, that time has come. The restaurant opens on Tuesday, November 28.

“Even though Malibu is a quick-serve concept, we will offer expertly sourced and handled fresh seafood,” says Alexis. “Quite simply, it’s a better bowl of poké—the ‘fishmonger’s poké.’ Our emphasis is on freshness, nutrition, and sustainability. Matt [McCallister’s] menu clearly differentiates us from Dallas’ other poké. And we will utilize cutting edge self-ordering tech to minimize lines and deliver the freshest bowls.”

Check out the full menu below.