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Get Your Edible Cookie Dough Fix at The Dough Dough

We talk to owner Gina Ginsburg about her new Dallas-based company.
By Megan Ziots |

For many of us, sneaking at least a spoonful of raw dough before they went in the oven was just a part of being a kid. I don’t even remember noticing the “Do Not Eat Raw” warning on the packaging until I started college. Even now, I sometimes still take it as just a suggestion, but the worry of getting sick from eating raw eggs is real. I was excited to hear that a new edible cookie dough company, The Dough Dough, was coming to Dallas. Following the trend of shops in New York and Los Angeles, Gina Ginsburg is bringing raw and safe-to-eat cookie dough-inspired desserts (pasteurized eggs are used) to North Dallas. She recently shared with me what inspired her to create The Dough Dough and her plans for an upcoming storefront in Dallas.

Do you have a specific memory from growing up and baking that inspired you to want to start The Dough Dough?

I grew up in Minnesota, and many weekends we would go visit my grandmother on the lake. While we were there it was a given that we were going to make cookie—a lot of cookies. Often we made enough so she and my grandfather could bring them to their social events in the community. My favorite cookie that we would make together was what she called Monster Cookies, which my sons have now named The Junkyard. They are full of the most delicious treats: M&M’s, chocolate chips, and pretzels. Many of my recipes are based on the recipes handed down to me from my grandmother over the years. It is so special that I am able to share them with everyone else.

What’s your favorite flavor of cookie dough?

This is so cliché, but it really is so hard to pick just one! Of course I get to sample all of the flavors every day for quality control and I love them all. I guess my heart lies with Birthday Party, because cake batter flavor is my favorite across the board with ice cream, frozen yogurt, and of course, actual birthday cake at parties.

What inspires your different flavor creations, such as The Unicorn?

Family is the number one inspiration for all of my creations. Many recipes are adapted from ones handed down to me, and my sons are instrumental in developing the flavors. Kids are brutally honest, which is great because they give me the feedback I need to hear, rather than want to hear. But they also come up with creative and delicious solutions I would probably never think to put together. We can credit them with The Chocolate Grizzly, The Unicorn, Birthday Party and The Junkyard names.

Which types of dough are currently available?

Right now we are selling the eight-ounce and four-ounce containers, and the dough bites (minimum 24), which have been a big hit for parties and catering. We offer 12 flavors daily, and usually have in stock our top six flavors:  Original Chocolate Chip, Sugar Cookie Cutter, Peanut Buddy, Cookies N Cream, Birthday Party, Nutella Batter Up. Our November flavor of the month is Pumpkin Spice Snickerdoodle, and December will be Candy Cane, a peppermint sugar cookie with pieces of peppermint swirled in. We also offer gluten free Chocolate Chip and gluten free Sugar cookie prepared on request.

When are you planning to open a storefront?

We hope to be open mid to late January 2018.

I saw that you are planning to open a store at Preston and Forest. Why this location?

I love the Preston Hollow area so it seemed like a natural fit for our first location. My family and I live nearby and I had a business at Preston/Royal for more than five years. It’s just the perfect location because the customers are friendly and it’s a close proximity to private schools and other great neighborhoods. Our two biggest demographics are moms and kids so this is our sweet spot, pun intended. We are also excited to be neighbors with Snappy Salad and Beyond Studios.

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