All photography by Daniel Walker.

Eat This Now!

A Look Inside The Meat Shop

You'll want to sink your teeth into these sandwiches.

While it’s not entirely certain how long mankind has been slapping their favorite meats, cheeses, and vegetables between two hunks of bread, we can assume that the sandwich has been a pivotal part of society since the early 1700s. What prompted the arrival of the sandwich? Convenience, most likely. Some guy was hopelessly glued to his gaming table, had no desire to leave and take his dinner in the dining room, and asked that his entire meal be shoved in between a two pieces of bread so that he might be able to handily consume it without leaving his game. This is all speculation, of course.

The convenience, versatility, and undeniable awesomeness of the sandwich has led to no shortage of great options in Dallas. You’ll find a respectable sandwich from nearly every cultural  background. And now, a few more exceptional options are coming to town by way of a respectable purveyor of meat. The Meat Shop opened on Lovers Lane in July and comes to us from the team behind Rosewood Ranches. This shop represents the sole retail outlet for the Texas-based ranches, which pride themselves on their own line of hormone and antibiotic-free, grass-fed Wagyu beef.

The Meat Shop is a fully functional butcher shop, providing Dallas residents with meats cut to order, including their acclaimed beef, heritage Duroc pork, lamb, and all-natural chicken, as well and smoked and cured meats, cheeses, and other accouterments. I stopped in recently and immediately found myself drawn to their small menu board featuring a handful of made-to-order sandwiches.

I could not pass up the most popular sandwich on the menu, the Lovers Smoked Brisket. I walked by their large black smoker billowing away near the parking lot as I walked inside the place. The intoxicating aroma of smoking meat was too enticing to order anything other than brisket at that point. The sandwich is not overly complicated, and features a pressed panini-style roll, filled with sliced Wagyu brisket and house-made pimento cheese. It was a beautiful thing. The tender, smoky beef was clearly the star here (it’s Wagyu, no surprise), but it’s perfectly complimented by the gooey, melted cheddar with spicy-sweet accents of pimento peppers.

So, I ordered a second sandwich. Their pastrami is brined and smoked on site. Again, I was not disappointed. The deep red pastrami is sliced thin and spread across a few slices of dark, dense rye bread, house-made mustard and melted Swiss cheese is then added. This sandwich vanished as quickly as the first.

In addition to what you’ll find behind the meat counter, as well as the handful of sandwiches on the menu, The Meat Shop provides numerous side dishes ideal for carryout to assist in one’s dinner or party preparations. You’ll find coleslaw, twice-baked potatoes, potato salad, pimento cheese, tomato jam, and a selection of mustards.

The setting is small and cozy, with a few tables inside but an even larger dining area around back, which hosts a patio with picnic tables, a television, and lawn games. With the promise of exceptional sandwich options, quality meats, and a relaxing environment to enjoy them in, I expect the The Meat Shop will be a popular addition to Dallas’ dining scene.

The Meat Shop is located at 4410 West Lovers Lane and operates Wednesday to Saturday from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. and Sunday from 10 p.m. to 6 p.m.