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The Whimsical World of Goodies Cakery

These playful confections are almost too pretty to eat.
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The Whimsical World of Goodies Cakery

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I came across Dani Goodman’s whimsical, over-the-top confections while scrolling on Instagram. I clicked a photo of a vibrant cake that popped up in my recommended feed that led me down a rabbit hole of neon pink frosting and rainbow sprinkles. I emerged five minutes later with an imaginary sugar rush and desire to know more about the woman behind the sweets. So I reached out to her.

How long have you been baking for?

I’ve been baking for holidays and birthdays my whole life with my mom, but started seriously baking about five years ago. I was at the University of Michigan living in a house with eight of my best friends and was able to try out some of my first recipes on them. The rave reviews I received from them encouraged me to keep going.

What inspired you to start a custom cake company?

I was making cakes for fun while I was working at my marketing job and just loved the excitement that came from each delivery. I realized this mini cake business I started combined my two favorite things: making people happy and dessert. I decided it was time to focus on my passion and recently left my job to pursue baking full time.

Do you have any bakers you admire/look up to?

I really love looking at all of the creative and unique sweets that Katherine Sabbath creates. She is always coming up with new desserts that make your jaw drop. My dream is to one day adventure to Australia and take a class from the master herself!

Where do you bake out of?

I bake out of the Great One Cookie Company kitchen in Uptown. They let me rent out their extra kitchen space. We’re actually doing a fun cake collaboration right now. They bake a cake with one layer of chocolate chip cookie and I come in and decorate the cake! You can find it on their website currently.

What is the craziest cake you’ve ever made?

I made this crazy cake once with a cone covered with every type of sweet you can imagine. It took a long time to put together but was totally worth it to see the final product.

What kinds of flavors do you offer? 

I make vanilla, chocolate, confetti, and strawberry, but can also make different flavors if there’s a special request. All of my cakes for the most part are custom, so I work with each customer to make sure they get the exact cake they want for their celebration. I love coming up with one-of-a-kind cakes when a customer sends me a list of things they like, then being able to see their excitement when the ideas come to life.

How much do the cakes cost?

My cakes start at $70 and go up from there depending on the size and how crazy people want to get with the design.

Order Dani’s playful cakes here.