Photo provided by State Fair of Texas.

State Fair of Texas

State Fair of Texas Announces More New Foods for 2017

Go. Eat. And then eat some more.

In case the Big Tex Choice Awards winners and finalists didn’t do it for you, the State Fair of Texas announced this morning that they’re adding even more food to the already robust lineup. Take a look at the items below:

The State Fair of Texas runs September 29 through October 22. You can get your tickets here.


  • Joe Hunter

    Go spend a couple of hundred to and the take your family to the so called “State Fair of Texas” and clog up your arteries with the fried, crappy, unhealthy food. Live it Up. The taxpayers of Dallas made it possible for the SFT to exist and the head honcho takes home over $700,000.00. Yeah Man, get while you can!! Watch out for the decaying buildings, Suckers.