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Get Tickets to Meat Fight’s 2nd Annual MF1K Tomorrow

This is not a typical fun run. It’s a whole lot of fun without the run.
By Nancy Nichols |

The chances are good that you are either familiar with Meat Fight or have been to one of the annual fundraising meat extravaganza events organized by Alice and Michael Laussade. Last year they added a running event, Meat Fight 1k, to the growing list of efforts they host to raise money to benefit the National MS Society.

What is the MF1k? “The Meat Fight 1k is a competitive food festival. Imagine a regular food festival and a 5k had a baby, and that that baby was super lazy and only decided to do 1k instead of 5k, and also that the baby likes to drink WhistlePig and eat Luscher’s Red Hots. It’s that. Plus confetti cannons and glow necklaces. For charity,” says Alice Laussade, CEO of Meat Fight, Inc. “Participants are challenged to eat and drink at 12 stations in order to earn their medals. Build a team. Wear matching outfits. Have all the fun. Essentially, we’re giving everyone a very charitable excuse to eat a ton of barbecue, burgers, and beer. And you even walk home from this one with a finisher medal. Everyone wins.”

The MF1K will take place Sunday, August 26 at Tupps Brewery located at 721 Anderson Street in McKinney.  Tickets ($57) go on sale via Prekindle at 10 a.m. Thursday, July 6 at meatfight.com and facebook.com/meatfight. The event is expected to raise more than $10,000 for the cause.

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