Photo by Catherine Downes


Dos Jefes in Uptown is Closed

No more dancing, tequila, and brunch.

I noticed a “for lease” sign in the window of Dos Jefes on my trek home last night. So, I reached out.

Turns out restauranteur Joseph Palladino (Nick & Sam’s, Coal Vines, Biergarten) surrendered the space to the landlord because it wasn’t in compliance with a provision in the lease that mandated it sell more food than alcohol.



  • Yuliana Rodriguez

    How is this even an article? That place has been closed for months now! Keep up!

    • Catherine Downes

      News is news.

      • Adarsh T. Pradeep

        having been to Dos Jefes, it was a place with a confused identity. Mexican + Japanese doesn’t seem like something that would work as a “fusion” and it showed lol. Mediocre sushi & over-priced watered down drinks drove me away!

        • Jz McGriggs

          It was the gross wallpaper that drove me away. Ugh!!!