Holy Shiitake Pie. Photo from Facebook.


Mellow Mushroom on Henderson is Closed

Mellow Mushroom's bad acid trip in Dallas is over.

As of yesterday, there is one less location of Mellow Mushroom. According to an eagle-eyed Facebook friend, the hippie-style pizza spot on Henderson abruptly closed yesterday. The staff was called into a meeting and told the restaurant was closed. According to the website, the pizza joint “began from humble roots, born out of the free-wheelin’ hippy culture of the 1970s.” The first pizzeria opened in Atlanta in 1974.

I guess the original stoners shed their hippie roots when they figured they could roll out close to 120 locations across the United States and Kardashian out with their House of Shroom clothing line. Nobody answered the phone when I called last night, and the Dallas Mellow Mushroom Facebook has disappeared. The Dallas location was open a little over five months. The Frisco store is still groovin’.