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French Fry-Day: Uncle Uber’s Sammich Shop

Don't repeat the name, but eat the fries.
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Photo by Nancy Nichols.

Allow me to address one of my pet peeves. Sammich is not a word. If I weren’t typing this on a sorta-family blog, I’d have written a more colorful sentence to express my distaste for that abomination of a word. There is no place in the world called Sammich, therefore there is no Earl of Sammich. It’s sandwich. When someone utters “sammich” in my presence, my eyes squint closed, my shoulders hitch up to my ears, and my brain goes into electronic shock. I hate that word. I’d rather hear you say “yummy,” and I royally detest that word. Got it? Moving on.

Yesterday, my partner in dine and I drove to Uncle Uber’s in Deep Ellum. Per our usual method, we phoned in a to-go order and my niece Katie did the heavy bag lifting while I circled the block. Once both in the car, we turned the corner and ripped open the bag. Good thing we were quick. The thick fries were packed in a square Styrofoam container with no ventilation. The aroma of warm moist fried potatoes filled our senses. Katie wondered out loud how I got a job that allowed me to drive around eating fries in the back alleys of Dallas. “It’s a dream job,” she said with a mouth full of fries. I could see Katie doing this. She’s got an investigative mind. And she loves French fries.

So, I let her judge. “These are much fatter than last week,” Katie said, holding a five-incher up to the light as if it were a crystal vase. “I like the spices on here. They’re kinda red. And they have a little spice on the finish.” Huh? Did my 19-year old niece just talk food snob talk? I was so proud of her at that moment I could have given her the key to my safety deposit box. She was spot on. Most of the thick-cut fries were long, a real talent when it comes to hand-cut fries. It shows they are buying large quality potatoes. They were warm and moist in the middle without a starchy aftertaste. The skin on the shorter nubs was crunchy. Each soldier was tossed in as reddish spice mix with just the right amount of salt and hint of spice. These are delicious fries. One note to fry geeks: these fries are a bit flabby. They bench when held vertical. If this bothers you, ask them to fry them a minute longer.

I will do that when I go back to try their yummy Cuban sammich.

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