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The Localist: Pudding On Smiles

Dig into this sweet treat.

Pudding On Smiles’ “Lovely Cups of Joy” are gourmet pudding creations conveniently packaged and sold in cute little jars. Nana Pudding is, of course, their biggest seller but they have many other flavors that you will surely fall in love with. Celebration Sensation is one of my favorites: gourmet vanilla bean pudding with sprinkles and tie-dyed vanilla cake.

The main headquarters for Pudding On Smiles is located in Arlington. They do not have a storefront but you can catch them at a number of local markets, order online, or get a delivery from UberEats if you live in Arlington.

They also have products at several small grocers throughout Dallas including Royal Blue Grocery in Highland Park Village and Cox Farms Market in Dallas.

To find out more about Pudding On Smiles and see all of their flavors visit them here.