Photo by Kevin Marple.

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Neiman Marcus Popovers Voted Most Iconic Dish in Dallas

The people have spoken.

While it’s rare for a menu item to generate such a following that it withstands fickle dining trends, Dallas is home to many iconic dishes, and, over the past three weeks, you guys voted for your favorite.

After much anticipation, the results are in. The winner of our Most Iconic Dish bracket is…drumroll…(kidding, you already know who won because of the headline) Neiman Marcus’ popovers with strawberry butter.

The complimentary baked good with a side of house-made strawberry butter is one of the highlights of dining at Neiman Marcus and a perfect way to start a meal. The baked good was created in 1955; guests would wait an hour or so to be seated for lunch at The Zodiac (which opened in 1953), and the kitchen knew they had to get something on the table immediately. Helen Corbitt came up with the recipe. The warm and crisp starter is a tradition for many people—so much so that Neiman Marcus bakes approximately 40,000 popovers a week at their restaurants across the United States.

Ambitious home-bakers can take a stab at the recipe, which is listed below. But we recommend heading to The Zodiac.


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