Photo by Nancy Nichols


French Fry-Day: Becks Prime

I'm on a binge. Want to tag along?

Occasionally I go on food binges. I’ve never stopped long enough to try and psychoanalyze my cravings. Sometimes you just have to let it roll. A few of my cravings in the past included hotdogs, pancakes, and Pinkberry frozen yogurt. The longest and most disturbing run, in terms of calories, was my preoccupation with pancakes. I couldn’t go three days without going face down in a pile of fluffy buttermilk pillows buried in syrup. Then, one day I woke up and—poof, like a puff, it was gone. Years went by before I picked up Pinkberry. I know the reason for that, but he is long gone.

A few weeks ago, I was stuck in traffic at Preston and Forest. There was a wreck in the intersection. I rolled down my window to get a better look. The smoke from Becks Prime got my attention. I managed to maneuver my car to the drive-thru. It was mid-afternoon so I ordered fries and a chocolate shake and headed home. Five minutes later I pulled into my garage with an empty bag and a stomach full of fries. They have become my new obsession.

Why do I love these fries? Let me recount the ways. The most important reason is that the size and shape of the cut potatoes is varied. Some are long, fat-ish, and lightly brown. I can actually taste a potato. Others are thin and crispy. Some are short and crunchy. Each bite brings a different satisfying sensation. Becks gets bonus points for the paper carton with holes in the top. If you can avoid eating them while traveling, I assume they travel well and are less soggy that most.

When I confessed my habit with my colleagues, they urged me to try a different fry every week and write a report. That is a dangerous proposition, but one I will do at least twice a month.

So send me your favorite fries and I’ll do some research. In the meantime, check these out and tell me what you think.