Two dogs at the Lakewood Growler (photo by David "Big Wood" Heidle)


Dallas Health Department Cracks Down on Dogs in Restaurants


On occasion, I have been known to visit a place called the Lakewood Growler. Okay, more than on occasion. I go frequently enough that I know most of the regulars, including those with four feet. Since its opening, in 2014, the Growler has welcomed pooches. Partly that’s because Dee’s Doggie Den is right next door. People pick up their dogs then pop in for a pint. More often that not, especially on the weekends, you’ll find a dog in the Growler, curled up under a table. Well, not anymore. A health inspector showed up yesterday and dropped the hammer. No more dogs. The Health Department is apparently cracking down on good puppy dogs all over the city. A number of brewery tap rooms have also been told they can longer cater to our four-legged friends.

Now look. Dogs aren’t allowed in restaurants. Obviously. Here are the rules. They’re only allowed on patios, and the owners of said patios have to apply for permission from the city. But dogs and beer go together, I’m sure everyone will agree. As long as no one is preparing or serving food, I don’t see why dogs can’t hang out and look cute and get petted behind their fluffy ears. In fact, I think the city code should be rewritten to require that breweries and beer bars have at least one dog on premises during hours of operation. Forget the pension crisis. This is the real issue facing the city of Dallas.