Photography by Matthew Shelley.


Get Your Hands on Lone Pint’s Yellow Rose

This beer is a must-try.

The Lone Pint Brewery’s ethereal Yellow Rose American IPA is available on tap, in stores, and hopefully soon it will be in your mouth. For those unfamiliar with Yellow Rose, it’s a smash IPA, which means it’s made with a single malt and single hop.

The brew is biscuity, sweet, ever so delicately speckled with citrus notes and might just be a perfect beer. The hefty malt presence coalesces with the mosaic hops to strike a perfect balance. It’s refreshing and engaging and it just arrived in Dallas.

For this particular insider’s tip: you can find four packs of Yellow Rose at the Whole Foods on Park Lane (and they’re supposed to be getting even more). This is not the only place it’s available for sure, but we thought it friendly to share this opportunity. You’ve probably already stopped reading so I can pretty much say anything. Go get some.

Bonus: they also still have Oak Highlands Chump Change on tap.