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Drink This: Fresh Sugar Cane Juice at Malai Kitchen

This refreshing beverage is a must.

A few months ago, I enjoyed a lovely dinner at Udipi Cafe in Richardson. Our server brought us a complimentary glass of fresh sugar cane juice. I tried to photograph it so I could write about the joys (and cocktail potential) of the luscious drink, but I failed miserably.

Thankfully, the folks at Malai Kitchen have supplied me with a photo of their new sugar-cane juicer. Owners Braden and Yasmin Wages now have two of these babies in operation, one in Uptown; the other in Southlake. A third will go in to their Fort Worth restaurant scheduled to open in September.


A simple glass of this juice with a touch of ginger and lime is life giving. Okay, maybe it’s just a natural sugar rush, but who cares. It’s delicious, refreshing, and makes a base for a fantastic cocktail. Think Dallas in August heat. I can’t wait to see what concoctions they come up with.