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7 Must-Try Dallas Hot Chocolates

Indulge in these sweet treats.
By Amanda Rule |

The melted chocolate way of life is the best way of life. It’s finally time to consume chocolate in the most delightful way possible: hot and steamy. Spice up your life with these warm, creamy, intricate Dallas cocoa beverages.

The Old Monk
Old Monk has an Abuelita hot chocolate that will give you a warm hug made with 1921 tequila, chocolate, and whipped cream. The Old Monk is also offering a Rumchata Mint Chocolate drink, made with Rumple Minze peppermint schnapps, hot chocolate, and crushed peppermint. These are definitely the adult hot chocolates we have been waiting for.

La Duni
La Duni is a Latin kitchen that a variety of sweet and creamy beverages. Their French hot chocolate is made using creamy, melted Belgium chocolate, half and half, and whipped cream. Their Latin hot chocolate is also melted Belgium chocolate with assorted cocoas, milk, and extra foam on top.

Chocolate Secrets
If you love chocolate and want to learn some secrets, head to Chocolate Secrets for a sip of their cocoa. They offer dark chocolate, English toffee, Mexican spice, and peppermint hot chocolates. Sounds like a killer chocolate selection to me.

Sablon Chocolate Lounge
Looking for something on the fancier side? Sablon Chocolate Lounge offers a decadent hot chocolate as well as a wide range of flavored cocoas. Located on McKinney, their baristas will whip up any of their hot chocolate flavors: mint, hazelnut, tiramisu, caramel, torroncino, dark, white, Belgian chili chocolate, pear (yes, pear), and marshmallow. Sit back and enjoy your savor of choice.

Shake Shack
You read that right. Shake Shack has a hot cocoa beverage you won’t want to miss. Make sure you head their way on a cheat day because this drink is as filling as can be. Throughout the cold season, Shake Shack will be offering their brownie batter hot chocolate. The warm, sweet drink is a blend of bittersweet dark chocolates and fudge sauce. On top is a tower of whipped cream and chocolate sprinkles. Oh, what a wonderful time of the year!

Sprinkles Cupcakes
Although it is a bit of an oxymoron, Sprinkles offers a “frozen” hot chocolate. The warm chocolate milk is steamed with hot fudge and dark chocolate ice cream to create the perfect chocolaty flavor. To Sprinkles, floating mini marshmallows are so last season, so they add a gooey, delicious marshmallow cream on top instead.

Kate Weiser Chocolate at Trinity Groves
Kate Weiser Chocolate at Trinity Groves offers a hot drinking chocolate and a frozen drinking chocolate. If you want to take the chocolate life home because you just can’t get enough, order their Carl the Snowman hot chocolate. Melt Carl the Snowman into a delicious cup of warm cocoa at home.

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