Dallas Pastry Chef Makes Millennium Falcon Meat Pies

This chili is strong with this one.

Meat Fight, the annual barbecue competition that benefits the National Multiple Sclerosis Society, brings out the zany in all of its participants. Chefs Sarah Green and Brian Zenner were definitely no exception to this and played into the absurdity of the event this weekend by making dozens of meat-filled Millennium Falcons.

“Brian Zenner, my Meat Fight buddy and I, were inspired by the bromance between Chewbacca and Han Solo in the cult classic film Star Wars,” says Sarah Green, pastry chef at the Joule. So the duo got creative.

What is this? #meatfight2016

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“I made a basic pâte brisée dough and used the sheets to build the show piece,” Green says. “I wanted the details on our show piece to bring the Millennium Falcon to life in a tangible edible way. The small ‘Meatlennium’ Falcons are filled with a chili con carne made by Brian Zenner. So it’s basically a meat pie.”


A photo posted by Sarah Green (@sarahthebaketress) on

While the chefs do not currently have any plans to recreate and sell the tiny meat ships, you never truly know what the future has in store. Keep an eye on SideDish today for a full gallery of photos from Meat Fight 2016.