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Dallas History

Flashback Friday: Underground Kids

Take a step back in Dallas history.
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The March 1987 issue of D Magazine features a story about the underground music and bar scene in Dallas at the time. In the piece, journalist Skip Hollandsworth tags along with North Dallas teen Miché Walsh for a night out in Deep Ellum.

“The weekend street traffic is getting heavier,” writes Hollandsworth. “Despite the cold wind whipping around the old buildings, the kids stay on the streets. Near the Video Bar, the high-tech little club on Commerce that plays music videos from the new groups, Miché flits past a cute girl her age who is saved from being an All-American beauty by the fact that one eye has been deliberately blackened with mascara…Miché heads to Club Clearview, her favorite Deep Ellum nightspot, which has lost its lease and will be shut down after the weekend. She knows that the weird, graffiti-filled nightclub with a little something for everyone—psychedelic black-light rooms, a recorded-music dance room, another huge room for live acts, dark hallways connecting all the rooms together—will reopen two blocks away in a couple of months, but Miché is worried that it will never be the same.”

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