Food Feedback Friday

Food Feedback Friday

Where oh where did you dine this week? We'd love to read about it.

Last week I asked for your opinion of Shake Shack. Two people chimed in.

The Guy claims he ate at a location in “Manhattan about two years ago. Can’t remember a single detail.” He goes on to say they hype is “just a symptom of our social media times that places like this (and In-and-Out, while we’re at it) become “legendary” to their supporters.” I see his point. He reports: “Dallas, where truly great burgers are the norm and not the exception, I just can’t see the upside to patronizing a chain that, to me, doesn’t even stick in my memory. Unlike Angry Dog, Maple & Motor, Liberty, etc., which leave me with a “wow” every time I leave them.”

Reader who goes by Aardvark (love the handle) points out “In-N-Out has been around since the 40’s and was legendary long before social media made an appearance.” Then he asks me why I chose a picture of barbecue to run atop a post about Shake Shack. Honestly? I started to write about barbecue because it is currently our cover story and words about Shake Shack came out of my fingers.

So, where did you go this week? Let your fingers do some typing. I’d love to read more about Shake Shack.