Flashback Friday

Flashback Friday: Tupperlove!

Take a step back in Dallas dining history.

There’s a seven-page feature in the February 1977 issue of D Magazine that’s all about Tupperware.

Ashley Cheshire paints quite the Tupperware-loving scene in her story. “Lifting lids, lifting heads and before they themselves can know it they are blinking their eyes and lifting their Blue Monday bodies out of their chairs,” she writes. “One hundred and eighty women of all ages who have fixed their faces and driven in from Garland, Richardson, Denton and even Durant, Oklahoma, are up, smiling, clapping their hands and…bursting into song. ‘We’ve got the spirit, the Tupperware spirit, the Tupperware spirit of ’76! Tell everybody we’re proud of it too! Proud of the red, white and blue!'”

It’s a lengthy but fun read. Click the images below and take a step back in Dallas dining history.