Photo by Melissa Mackaly.


Dish Pirate: Oak’s Open-Faced Salmon Sandwich

Want to enjoy the best that Dallas restaurants have to offer without ever leaving your home?

Want to enjoy the best that Dallas restaurants have to offer without ever leaving your home? Our new recurring feature, Dish Pirate, will help you bring the city’s robust dining scene to your kitchen.

Dish Pirate: Oak’s Open-Faced Salmon Sandwich

Oak’s open-faced salmon sandwich is a great dish to try as the seasons change and summer fades into fall. The flavors in this sandwich combine the freshness of summer fare with the warmth of autumn.

This item is only available on Oak’s lunch menu but the great thing about making it at home is that you can eat it whenever you want. The majority of the recipe is made from well-know, easy to work with ingredients. The only item that may stump you is the fennel. Fennel can be prepared several ways with this dish requiring it to be shaved. I found a great video on You Tube that shows how to easily prepare shaved fennel. It also gives you a bonus recipe that could be paired well with your open-faced sandwich.

Photo by Melissa Mackaly.
Photo by Melissa Mackaly.

Recipe (Serves 1)

2 slices NY deli rye bread
2 2.5 oz portions of salmon filet
1/2 medium tomato, cut in wedges
1/4 bulb fennel, shaved thin
1 tsp. capers (not pictured)
Olive oil
Vegetable oil

For lemon aioli:
Lemon juice from one lemon
2 tbs. mayonnaise
Chili powder, sea salt, and pepper (to taste)

1. Season salmon with salt.
2. Heat medium pan on high heat, add vegetable oil in pan. When oil begins to smoke, add salmon to pan. Sear on one side until it starts to brown and then flip, down the same on the other side. Pull off heat and let cook a bit longer as pan cools.
3. Gently toast rye bread.
4. Place bread side-by-side on plate and place one piece of salmon on each piece of toast.
5. Toss fennel, tomato and capers in olive oil and lemon juice. Add salt to taste.
6. Place half of mixture on each toast.
7. Prepare lemon aioli by combining all ingredients. Place to the side and add as desired.