R.I.P. Photo by Kevin Marple.

R.I.P. White Bean Toast at The Theodore

Breaking (heart) news.

I was craving two things when I pulled up a stool at the bar of The Theodore on Friday night: A balanced cocktail and the white bean toast. I’ve dined at the popular restaurant periodically and have ordered the toast every single time. It’s my favorite item on the menu.

“Oh yeah, we’re not doing that anymore,” the bartender informed me as I attempted to order the dish. I could feel the smile on my face morphing into an ugly grimace. “But I think we have like one left, do you want it?” Obviously I did.

I was presented with a perfectly toasted slice of sourdough heaping with Corona beans, caramelized leeks, and house-made ricotta. It would have been perfect if not for the added sodium from my tears. (OK, not really. It was perfect.)

I reached out to chef-owner, Tim Byres to inquire about the toast:

“It’s gone, but not forgotten. We decided to go with everyone’s favorites for now and will eventually rotate the toast back in. It is a favorite of mine, but right now we have to go with the people’s choice.”

By “everyone’s favorite” Byres is referring to the dry cured ham and horseradish egg salad on sourdough. It’s the only toast left on the menu.