Photo by Matthew Shelley.

Eat This Now: The Reuben at Royal Blue Grocery

Aside from the tacos, coffee, flowers and other grab-and-go items at Royal Blue Grocery in Highland Park Village, there is a wonderful treat to be had in the form of a sandwich. Sandwiches are probably the best thing there is, except maybe for the ability to fly or unlimited beer with no hangover. World peace and unchecked prosperity may fall somewhere in there, but now things are just getting weird. Back to the sandwich.

The sandwich we speak of is the Reuben. It’s not exactly traditional, but it sure is tasty. The traditional Reuben Sandwich is an American hot sandwich composed of corned beef, Swiss cheese, sauerkraut, and Russian or Thousand Island dressing, grilled between slices of rye bread. Royal Blue Grocery’s Reuben is made with hearty slices of smoked turkey, slaw, Baby Swiss cheese, and Royal Blue Grocery’s signature sauce, all pressed between two beautiful slices of Empire Baking Company’s rye. This little dandy is something for the whole family to enjoy. I think. Prepared in-house and grilled up to perfection, it’s indulgent without taking over your afternoon and demanding a nap. That’s the right kind of lunch. It’s light, but savory and somehow completely satisfying and guiltless at the same time. Though it may be best for you to make these decisions for yourself, we offer you this inspiration. Eat this sandwich and thank us later.