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How Many Restaurants Can Oak Cliff Handle? BBBop and Jed’s Grill Set to Open

Seriously people, how many restaurants can Bishop Arts and the surrounding areas support?

When I heard the news yesterday that BBBop Seoul Kitchen R&D was set to open at 828 W. Davis, I quipped to a friend: “I think Davis Street is going to cave in.” Seriously people, Bishop Arts and the surrounding areas have too many restaurants. I avoid the place like I avoid getting near the people in my office who are currently hacking up their lungs. Goodie for BBBop, I like to see local businesses grow. I only hope when the economy turns, they will survive.

Now comes word that Jed’s Grill will open in the space formerly known as Herrera’s at 1001 W. Jefferson. It’s a family affair: mother (Estella Gallegos ) and son (Jonathan Kovens) have put together an eclectic classic-American-food-with-a-modern twist menu that includes tater tots, a meatball burger, and a grilled cheese loaded with pepperoni. They’re very proud of their tater tots. They are served with Shiner-bock-beer cheese dipping sauce. Jed’s will serve breakfast and brunch with—wait for it—chicken and waffles and 99-cent mimosas.

So what’s next Oak Cliff? The addition of Jed’s may make you the brunch capital of America. I just hope your streets don’t sink with the weight of cars filled with people full of chicken and waffles.