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Awards Makes National Headlines: Exposes Mast Brothers as Frauds

Today both Vanity Fair and the Washington Post are running stories on's expose of Mast Brother’s Chocolate.
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The oh-so-hip Mast Brother's shop in Brooklyn.

Many of you “know” Scott, the food authority behind Scott has been an authoritative voice around here for close to 20 years. His blog, was for years the battleground where bloggers and commenters waged brilliant, and not so brilliant, confrontational conversations. For professional writers, it was a place to read about how inefficient or wrong we were. The commenters were not afraid to throw punches. kept a lot of people honest.

Scott switched gears a few years ago and turned his focus to chocolate. If you follow him on Twitter (‏@dallasfoodorg ), you are familiar with his chocolate bar reviews. If you’ve been reading his 4-part investigative series on Mast Brother’s Chocolate, you know Scott has kicked some major cacao culo. Today both Vanity Fair and the Washington Post are running stories on Scott’s expose of Mast Brother’s. According to Scott, Rick and Michael Mast, owners of Mast Brothers, have not been selling “single-source,” chocolate, they’ve been buying chocolate from France and repackaging it. My favorite Scott tweet over the last few weeks: “The Masts are only “craft chocolate ambassadors” in the same sense that Lance Armstrong was for cycling.” Bam!

Read the series even if you don’t care about chocolate because it’s an excellent reminder that the food community needs more watchdogs like Scott. The blogosphere is filled with so much information and few people stop and take the time to look behind the curtain.

Note to Vanity Fair: you refer to Scott as an “unknown blogger.” Around here he is anything but. (R.I.P BillUSA99)

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