Bring a Clock to Emporium Pies and Get a Discount

The Pie shop honors Ahmed Mohamed, the 14-year old arrested for bringing a homemade clock to school.

After Ahmed Mohamed, the 14-year-old student who showed up at Macarthur High School in Irving with a homemade clock, was handcuffed and hauled away, social media exploded with support messages. #IStandWithAhmed went viral. President Obama reached out to the young science geek. Emotions ran high. What a sad state we are to arrest a kid going to school with a homemade clock.

Today Ahmed Mohamed is a hero, his life changed forever. Emporium Pies is honoring Mohamed and the freedom to carry clocks to restaurants.

Here is their message:

Because we believe humanity is better than this today we will be offering a 20% discount to anyone who brings a clock with them to the shop (not a watch, not a phone, an actual clock) and as always, uniformed police officers get a free slice of pie when on duty.

An additional 20% of all profits from tomorrow’s sales will be donated to a local science and engineering nonprofit.

Also, Ahmed, living next door to us in Irving, Texas, there’s a free whole pie with your name on it, just reach out to us. You deserve it (and more!) for your ordeal.

Let’s build a better Texas. We encourage all of you to take a photo in front of our shop with your clock and pie.

Any other restaurant out there doing a promotion for this? Leave the info in comments.


  • Christy

    And what happens if the clock was an actual bomb? Wouldn’t the nation be bitching about that, too?

    • Are you planning an attack? After all, you are the one that brought up a weapon. Perhaps you need to be detained and questioned.

    • Auntiecairo

      Nobody questions the teacher or anyone else questioning what the device was/is– but the overreaction was totally uncalled for — and if they thought it was a bomb – shouldn’t they have evacuated? Ahmed never said it was a bomb; wasn’t implying it was anything other than it was; wasn’t showing it around. Here in Texas people walk around carrying weapons in public — so this seems like an overreaction with no other conclusion to make except it’s because of the young man’s nationality.

    • If they REALLY thought it was a bomb, they’d have evacuated the school and called the actual bomb squad, not a couple of cops and the principal. Don’t be a fool. It wasn’t a bomb and they knew it.

      • kid_you_not

        Make a fake bomb and take it to the airport. When they discover there is no actual explosive in it you and they will have a big laugh and let you go.

        • space2k

          Repeating the same dumb argument over and over makes you look dumb – over and over.

  • Wade

    Nope. No other restaurants are that stupid.

  • kid_you_not

    I implore people to bring a “clock” that looks like an IED like that that kid brought. It was meant to cause alarm.