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A Look at Magnolias Sous Le Pont, Dallas’ Newest Coffee Shop

A must-try for coffee lovers.
By Matthew Shelley |

Magnolias Sous Le Pont, a Parisian-style cafe in the Harwood District which translates to “under the bridge” in French, is a must-try for Dallas coffee lovers. Inside you’ll find a clean, sharply-outfitted space for sitting, sipping, and just discussing stuff with other people over a cappuccino. The only difficulty with a visit to Magnolias is the lack of parking and the choke of the highways that sit on each side of the building. It’s a strange landscape this coffee shop lives in. It seems stranded from any other walkable neighborhood you may already be comfortable in, but once you actually pass into this spacious district and accept the surroundings as your equitable service provider, you’ll find much of what you need.

Dee Traylor.
Dee Traylor.

The director of Coffee Operations, Dee Traylor, is the man behind the counter. This guy is dedicated to a degree that allows coffee to exist beyond the simplicity of its daily necessity, pushing it into something that deserves education, attention, and admiration. He also teaches a latte art class.


What you’ll find here is positioned for comfort and pleasantries. The bistro tone is consistent and stylish. This place is nothing if not unique. Fortunately, its uniqueness transcends the Parisian outfitting to offer one fine sip of coffee. The shops also offers breakfast tacos, muffin, and croissants all from the nobly established kitchen of Marie Gabrielle. Sip and sit, or grab and run.


Speaking of running, if you have a morning marathon planned, get the cold brew in your body. I warn you though, it’s very strong — John Matrix strong. It’s the realist of deals. But if you’re not exactly ready to conquer a planet, opt for the Chemex pour-over or the delicate but bold cortado. Dee also recently started roasting his own beans.


Park in front if you’re just dropping in. Planning to stay a while? Park on one of the side streets nearby or press the button in the neighboring garage (over and over) until they let you in. The last remarks are these: Grab a sandwich, salad, pecan medley, Dude, Sweet Chocolate bar, or energy drink to round out your day. You can caffeinate your morning and supplement your day’s intake all during one quick trip under the bridge. Just give it a try.

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