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Taste Test Thursdays

Taste Test Thursday: Mustard

Spoiler alert: there was a clear winner.
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Photo by Catherine Downes.

Taste Test Thursday: Mustard

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This Saturday, August 1 is National Mustard Day. That’s right, there’s an entire day devoted to the tangy condiment. A handful of D Magazine staff tasted a variety of basic, yellow mustards in order to determine which one is the best. Spoiler alert: there was a clear winner.

So what do you think of mustard? Do you have a favorite? Do you agree with the outcome of the Taste Test? Let us know in the comment section below.

The mustards:

A. French’s Classic Yellow Mustard
B. Heinz Yellow Mustard
C. Plochman’s Mild Yellow Mustard
D. Kroger Yellow Mustard
E. Emeril’s New York Deli Style Mustard

Tasting notes:

French’s Classic Yellow Mustard

  • Reminds me of bologna sandwiches in grade school. Only French’s classic could trigger that memory.
  • Classic.
  • Slightly tangy but I’m OK with it.
  • Tangy and smooth.

Heinz Yellow Mustard

  • No good. texture too thick or something.
  • Very similar to A.
  • No. Nope. This is the dumpster fires of mustard.
  • A little bit gritty.

Plochman’s Mild Yellow Mustard

  • Kind of a watery taste. Tastes like it’s suited for pretzel dipping.
  • The yellowest mustard in this taste test. By far.
  • This tastes like America — the Fourth of July, if you will.
  • Milder flavor than the others.

Kroger Yellow Mustard

  • A subtle mustard. Good for sandwiches with a lot of other flavors already going on.
  • More vinegary and tangier than the others.
  • I don’t want to give this a complete shut down. Perhaps this one is best suited with a favorable match? Pretzels maybe?
  • Dull. I don’t like this one.

Emeril’s New York Deli Style Mustard

  • The stronger the better when it comes to mustard. This is that good deviled egg stuff.
  • Definitely more New York-style. Grainy and a bit more bitter.
  • I need this, immediately. I’m daydreaming of the culinary collaborations that could happen here.
  • Has the most spicy flavor. Not “hot-spicy” but “spices-spicy.” A little bit of a mushy texture.

Tally up:

A. French’s Classic Yellow Mustard 1
B. Heinz Yellow Mustard 0
C. Plochman’s Mild Yellow Mustard 0
D. Kroger Yellow Mustard 0
E. Emeril’s New York Deli Style Mustard 3

The winner is:

Emeril’s New York Deli Style Mustard won this week’s taste test. The ingredients are simple and straightforward: distilled vinegar, water, mustard seed, salt, spices, turmeric, and paprika. It was the most robust and flavorful of the of the bunch.

So what’s your favorite mustard? Let’s discuss.