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7 Boozy Milkshakes to Cool You Down this Summer

A list of places to cure your hankering for ice cream during happy hour.
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Boozy red velvet milkshake from Hopdoddy. Photo by Kevin Marple.

Anything with the word “adult” in front of the title warrants a certain feeling of mischief. On the other hand, anything ending with “milkshake” evokes childlike giddiness. Put the two together and you have one seriously conflicted writer sitting at a bar, expecting ice cream and sprinkles to appear in a pilsner glass.

But that wasn’t the case, rather, I found myself drinking Crown Apple disguised as a salted caramel milkshake through a florescent straw. And it was delicious.

Here’s a list of places to cure your hankering for ice cream during happy hour.


Word on the street is that this Lowest Greenville soda fountain will soon be serving up alcoholic milkshakes. With incredible pies, sundaes, and ice cream on the menu already, it’s hard to imagine this would be anything short of decadent. The milkshakes will be available during the second week of August.

Kenny’s Burger Joint

Even more of an incentive to blow calories on the adult variety is the fact that the boozy shakes at Kenny’s Burger Joint are cheaper than any other cocktails they serve. For a different spin on the shake craze, try their Makers Mark root beer float.

Most popular: The Insomniac.
What’s in it: Espresso vodka, Kahlua, Baileys, chocolate ice cream.


This popular burger mecca is also home to a slew of crafted milkshakes. While they don’t have a specific adult milkshake section, customers are encouraged to choose a shake from the menu and pair it with any alcohol the restaurant has at the bar. Manager Dana Olsson said diners like how they can customize the product to their specifications. She said the cordials are often chosen for the beverages, with the occasional Makers Mark thrown in the mix.

Most Popular: Caramel and sea salt milkshake with Crown Apple.
What’s in it: Vanilla ice cream, Crown Apple whiskey, caramel drizzle with sea salt sprinkles.

Twisted Root Burger

People gush over their burgers, get a kick out of their ordering process, and jump at the chance to sip a boozy milkshake. With four distinct choices, you can pick your poison or have a shot added to any existing milkshake on the menu.

Most popular: Cookies and Cream.
What’s in it: Vanilla ice cream, amaretto, and Oreo cookies.

Del Frisco’s Grille

There’s only one shake option on Del Frisco’s menu. “The Adult Milkshake” is named to set aside any competition and make clear that this is the only one that matters in town.

What’s in it: Nocello walnut liqueur, crème de cacao chocolate liqueur, vanilla ice cream.

Grub Burger Bar

The spiked milkshake menu is more expansive than the handcrafted options at this casual burger joint. While they have plenty of the assumed boozy staples (chocolate and mint, caramel), they also have some real doozies. Titles like “Moonshine American Pie” and “Dirty Kitchen Sink” are worth researching. Point of interest: one includes coffee grounds and potato chips.

Most popular: Bourbon and Caramel.
What’s in it: Jim Beam, vanilla ice cream, caramel syrup, whipped cream.

Alamo Drafthouse

Would you like a movie with that shake? Moviegoers can order from six different alcoholic shakes on the Alamo Drafthouse menu. Choices range from a Grasshopper Shake with crème de menthe and crème de cacao and The Temptress shake made with draft Lakewood Milk Stout.

Most popular: Irish Coffee Shake.
What’s in it: Bailey’s Irish Cream, vanilla ice cream, coffee, whipped cream.

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