The Localist: 903 Brewers’ The Land of Milk and Honey Stout

This brewery was built on one simple idea, to “make great beer for a great community.”

Photo by Melissa Mackaly.
Photo by Melissa Mackaly.
With their two year anniversary approaching, I thought it would be fitting to recognize one of the “not-so-local” local beers. 903 Brewers is the northernmost brewery we have in North Texas. Located in Sherman, 60 miles north of Dallas, it’s dang near Oklahoma. We still claim it as a local brew, though. Probably because the beers are so good. 903 was built on one simple idea, to “make great beer for a great community.”

903 Brewers was founded by husband and wife, Jeremy and Natalie Roberts, and offers six steady beers and two seasonal brews. I am a big fan of them all but my favorite is The Land of Milk and Honey Stout. It’s a honey stout brewed with roasted malt and lactose which gives off an extremely smooth swallow. They use local honey from Crouse Farms to give it just a touch of sweetness. 903 recommends “pairing it with grilled meat, chili and freedom.” They occasionally offer two coffee versions of Milk and Honey, both of which will be on tap at their anniversary party this upcoming weekend.

To celebrate two years of brewing beer, 903 is throwing a shindig on Saturday, June 6 from noon until 5 p.m. at their brewery. They have listed seven beers that will be on tap but have also dropped hints of a few “surprise tappings.” One of the confirmed beers is their barrel aged Almond Joy: their Chosen One Coconut Ale aged in a Sasquatch Bourbon Barrel. Sounds amazing to me.
To find out more about 903 Brewers and their upcoming event, visit their website or find them on Facebook.