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Beat the Dallas Heat with a Cup of Iced Coffee

A list of local shops offering specialty cold brews.

If you find it hard to speak before your first cup of coffee, if you have to be scraped off your bed in the morning just to press the start button on the Keurig, and if you stutter your way through a Starbucks order on the way work, chances are you’re a caffeine addict. Welcome to America.

Here’s the problem come summer: coffee is hot. If we wanted to sweat, we’d just stick a finger outside. Thankfully, coffee-served-cold has been a staple for as long as people have been demanding it. In fact, just this week was the 20th Anniversary of the Starbucks Frappuccino. Here’s to 20 more years — and hopefully one day, a calorie-free option.

So, where do you go when you need your summer caffeine fix? Here’s a list of local shops offering specialty iced coffee, cold brews, and even an affogato.

Ascension Coffee
1621 Oak Lawn Ave, Suite A, Dallas, TX 75207

Much more than a coffee shop, Ascension serves a full menu throughout the day from breakfast and brunch in the mornings, to dinner and a wine selection at night. However, it’s their passion for the way they roast their own beans that earns the establishment its merit for excellent coffee.

The drink: Iced lattes, cold brews, Kyoto brews and a frappes are all a part of the cool side of the drink menu. Have any questions about your choices? Sport a puzzled look on your face and the barista will preach about the flavor notes and brewing methods of each. They know their stuff.

The origin: Ascension roasts beans from all over the world. They focus on farmer-produced, single origin beans that they use to make all their coffee drinks on the menu. Their methods are exact, and it shows.

Oak Lawn Coffee
2720 Oak Lawn Ave, Dallas, TX 75219

Locals love them and they love the locals. Oak Lawn takes pride in their community and demonstrates it by giving 10 percent of their profit to nonprofit organizations in the area. And bonus: their iced coffee and tea is half-price every day from 2 to 5 p.m.

The drink: Advertised as having “the best iced coffee in town,” Oak Lawn Coffee’s iced menu holds options ranging from Ghirardelli chocolate to sugar-free vanilla. Syrup made in-house sweetens the cold brew and is combined with milk and ice to make a creamy concoction. Their cold brew method takes 16 hours, and is offered as an alternative to their equally delicious hot options.

The origin: They feature beans from local and national roasters, offering selections from Oak Cliff, Austin, Denver, and Portland.

2114 Greenville Ave, Dallas, TX 75206

Anyone who’s been to Mudsmith knows this place is the epitome of cool. From the atmosphere to the baristas, you’re made to feel in the presence of true design genius while sitting back and sipping a cup of their V60 or Chemex pour over coffee.

The drink: Their iced, caffeinated options include the likes of iced mint or cherry mocha, iced toddy (16-hour cold brew) and what they call “The Van Gough Spritzer,” which includes four shots of espresso and sparkling water.

The origin: Their beans hail from the San Francisco-based coffee roaster, Four Barrel Coffee.

316 W 7th St, Dallas, TX 75208

In the heart of Oak Cliff you’ll find Oddfellows, a coffee shop, bar and restaurant, fitting with their motto “Food For All.” From the coffee bar, customers can choose their bean and brewing method for pour over, making for a customizable experience every time.

The drink: If you haven’t tried Black & Blue cold brew on tap, here’s your chance. The Cuvée Coffee is brewed, nitrogenized and served cold on tap. If that doesn’t tickle your fancy, any of their espresso drinks can be served over ice.

The origin: Oddfellows gets their beans from all over, featuring Guatemalan, Ethiopian and Colombian blends. The flavor notes range from honey and caramel to whiskey and pear.

Method Coffee
1623 N Hall St, Dallas, TX 75204

Tucked around the corner from downtown, Method is a small shop offering hip vibes to match their hip “caffeination and fare.” The airy atmosphere is home to an array of brewing methods, allowing the clientele to range their choices as well.

The drink: New in the store is a Japanese method of brewing (similar to Kyoto) called Yama. A tower of glass and wood is constructed to allow ice water to drip slowly over grounds to create an even more caffeinated version of the regular cold brew. You’ll find Cuvée’s Black and Blue on tap here as well.

The origin: Switching out their beans every so often allows the shop to be adventurous with their selections. Featured in the store now is Brown Coffee from San Antonio and Slate from Seattle.

Multiple locations

If you haven’t heard about Paciugo by now, you’re either lactose intolerant and everyone’s been avoiding telling you about it, or you’ve never left your house. The franchised Italian shop serves up fresh, artisanal-quality gelato daily. Here’s the kicker: they’re also passionate about coffee. How Italian.

The drink: OK, I get that gelato and espresso combined does not an iced coffee make. But doesn’t it sound so much better? Additionally, they serve an affogatto with their espresso poured over three scoops of smooth gelato, topped with fresh whipped cream. Mic drop.

The origin: They have five different blends ranging from the Paciugo Miscela Vienna roast to the Sumatra Blue Batak light roast. Each flavor profile is mapped out on their website.

I realize there are profound amounts of coffee shops in Dallas. If I didn’t include the place you indulge your addiction, then feel free to share in the comments below.

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