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The Localist: Padrino Foods Tamales

These delicious tamales are made in Irving, Texas.
By Melissa Mackaly |

As a native Texan, tamales are nothing new to me. While growing up, my mom would eat tamales for lunch during the summer and I was always a fan. She regularly got the kind they sell in a can at the super market, (which now, as an adult, I realize really should not even be considered real tamales). But because I have loved them from the start, I am always trying different types to see which I like best.

One of my favorite pre-made tamale brands is Padrino Foods Tamales. There are several reasons that makes these the best:

  • They are made in Irving, Texas
  • They do not contain lard. You heard me right, no lard!
  • Their meat and poultry products are antibiotic free, no added hormones and vegetarian fed.
  • They come in these amazing “heat-in bags”.
  • The bags are a unique feature to Padrino Tamales. Per their website, “whether you re-heat one or a dozen, our original one-of-a-kind tamale vacuum-sealed boilable bag keeps them fresh and at just the right moisture level.” You literally boil some water, stick the entire package into the water, cook for 15 minutes and you’re done. It is one of the easiest lunch/dinner/snack options out there. About as easy as it was for my mom to open that can of tamales 25 years ago.

    The company’s website is very simple, as it only states their mission, origin and contact info. There isn’t a Facebook page that I know of, but you can find their tamales at Whole Foods.

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