Scotch & Sausage is Closed. Space Will Reopen Friday as Le Taco Cantina

According to a handsome source, Scotch & Sausage is closed. They will reopen tomorrow as Le Taco Cantina.

According to a handsome source, Scotch & Sausage is closed. The restaurant with 20 varieties of homemade sausage sandwiches, triple-cooked Belgian fries, and scotch eggs is no longer.

I just called, and a nice lady answered the phone: “Le Taco Cantina.”  Here’s the skinny: Scotch & Sausage owners Dylan Elchami and Rami Rassas closed the space on Sunday night and are doing a quick remodel. They’ve hired former Second Floor chef Daniel Tarasevich to create, according to the nice lady on the phone, “sexy tacos, brochettes, and appetizers.” And tequila.


  • Karma Police

    These are the wise guys who took a crap on local breweries, right? Good for them, getting what they deserve. Campuzano will love the veiled attempt at competition.

    • Cliff

      Campuzano sucks so I’m not sure they’d welcome any competition next door.

    • Paul M

      No, they’re the guys who DEBC took a crap on and accused them off all sorts of things that weren’t true.

  • luckygramm

    I really enjoyed the place,and was planning on meeting up with friends their next Friday.

  • dtownfoodie

    I am very interested to see what these guys idea of sexy tacos are lol . Wow.

  • Jake

    Worst restaurant name in the history of food.

  • Jim Halloran

    Wow… another Mexican place. We now have at least 10 within a mile.

  • joeat

    Easily, Scotch & Sausage was one of the worst organized restaurants I have ever had the displeasure of frequenting and I did go five times. I found it impossible from the valet parking to the food, service, ambiance. They had no clue what they were doing and I am amazed they lasted 10 months. This new place sure doesn’t offer much hope as I doubt seriously they have learned anything.

  • That Guy

    This place was great, parking was a nightmare but the staff was friendly and the sausage made it unique. This was the ONE place I could go to and listen to Alternative and Punk Rock. 🙁

  • DaisyDoRight

    Those clowns couldn’t manage their way out of a wet paper bag. Quote from owner last year before they ripped off the Wurstkuche concept and opened Scothch & Sausage: “I’m a late-night guy. I don’t eat dinner until 8 pm, sometimes 10:30 pm,” says. “That’s a big reason for me doing this. Everything shuts down. Velvet Taco, if you go there late at night, the line is out the door.”
    Daddy must have a lot of money to waste.

  • Beth

    The service wasn’t always great and the parking sucked… (but I am laid back and don’t mind waiting, or walking a bit) so I really enjoyed Scotch and Sausage! It was a nice different option, and had a nice atmosphere.

    Now it’s tacos… Don’t get me wrong, I love tacos… but there are a million other taco places around Dallas. We really didn’t need another one. And the parking will still suck.

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