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Eat This Now: The Cuban Sandwich from International Bakery Cuban Dulceria

Don't live in Carrollton? This sandwich is worth the drive.
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Bret Redman

If you’ve never sunk your teeth into a Cuban sandwich from International Bakery Cuban Dulceria then I feel bad for you. The small, boutique bakery in Carrollton is home to one of the best — some would argue the best — Cuban sandwiches in town.

Rene Vazquez opened the bake shop in 1979, and his daughters Rita and Sara are currently running the show. International Bakery Cuban Dulceria specializes in flaky pasties (the guava and cream cheese pastry is a must), custom cakes, Cuban-style coffee, and sandwiches.

The sisters slow roast the pork for the Cuban sandwich daily at 250 degrees fahrenheit. The meat is then sliced, shredded, and sandwiched between house-made Cuban bread along with sliced ham, swiss cheese, Mojito sauce (a tangy mix of lime juice, garlic, cumin, and oregano), and of course, pickles. “We love the Vlasic oval pickles,” Rita explained. The Cuban is pressed, and browned just enough so that the exterior is golden and slightly crisp.

Don’t live in Carrollton? This sandwich is worth the drive.


IMG_2347 Mmm, coffee.


IMG_2320 The guava and cheese pastry.

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