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Taste Test Thursday: Dallas Beer (IPA Edition)

Which hoppy brew is the best according to D Magazine staff?
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Which hoppy brew is the best according to D Magazine staff?

The beer:

A. Four Corners El Chingón IPA
B. Lakewood Hop Trapp Belgian-style IPA
C. Deep Ellum Dreamcrusher Double IPA
D. Community Mosaic IPA
E. Deep Ellum IPA

Tasting notes:

Four Corners El Chingón IPA

  • Unoffensive, mild, least like an IPA in retrospect. Probably on tap at Buffalo Wild Wings.
  • Bright, fresh and citrusy. Well-balanced.
  • Tart, crisp, light and refreshing. Doesn’t even really taste like beer, but I dig it.
  • Mild. I don’t like IPAs but I’d drink this IPA. It tastes a little like a flower, but a flower I’d drink.
  • Easy to drink; light hops finish. Is there such a thing as a summer IPA? Because this is it.
  • 0754

Lakewood Hop Trapp Belgian-style IPA

  • Polyester, some kind of unnatural additive flavor.
  • Off-putting aftertaste. Kind of burnt tasting.
  • More bitter than A. It was kind of bland with a funky aftertaste.
  • I actually don’t mind this one, either. Not too bitter.
  • Aggressively piney on the front end; like chewing a pinecone.
  • 0538

Deep Ellum Dreamcrusher Double IPA

  • More malty and rounder, fruity and less bitter. Hints of pear or apple. Tastes more like nature.
  • Lots of citrus. I’m tasting oranges.
  • Weirdly fruity and a bit tart. I’d go out of my way to avoid this beer.
  • Sour. Not horrible.
  • Medicinal aroma; nose-wrinkling sour; blech!
  • 0241

Community Mosaic IPA

  • Cheeky. I feel it in my jowls. Finishes very wheat-y, like some IPA Blue Moon. Crossbreed.
  • More subtle hops, very easy to drink. On the floral side.
  • Really crispy and refreshing. tart, but in a good way.
  • Not good. Too tart. Too hoppy.
  • Why are these beers getting worse? This one’s like sucking on a charcoal briquette.
  • 0363

Deep Ellum IPA

  • I’m pretty sure this is El Chingón. These get better the more you drink . Like a family gathering.
  • Really skunk-y and overpowering.
  • Potent. An acquired taste.
  • Extremely floral and bitter tasting, and not in a good way. But then again, maybe that’s why I don’t drink IPAs.
  • Aggressive but balanced; a true IPA aficionado could appreciate this one.
  • 0560

Tally up:

Four Corners El Chingón IPA 4
Lakewood Hop Trapp Belgian-style IPA 1
Deep Ellum Dreamcrusher Double IPA 1
Community Mosaic IPA 0
Deep Ellum IPA 0

The winner is:

The El Chingón IPA from Four Corners Brewing Co. is the winner of this week’s blind taste test. The beer is 7.6% AVB and uses a variety of American hops and Munich malt. Once the beer is brewed they dry hop it, for an extra hoppy aroma. So, do you agree with the outcome? Do you have a favorite IPA? Let’s talk about it.

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