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Taste Test Thursday: Dallas Beer (IPA Edition)

Which hoppy brew is the best according to D Magazine staff?

Which hoppy brew is the best according to D Magazine staff?

The beer:

A. Four Corners El Chingón IPA
B. Lakewood Hop Trapp Belgian-style IPA
C. Deep Ellum Dreamcrusher Double IPA
D. Community Mosaic IPA
E. Deep Ellum IPA

Tasting notes:

Four Corners El Chingón IPA

  • Unoffensive, mild, least like an IPA in retrospect. Probably on tap at Buffalo Wild Wings.
  • Bright, fresh and citrusy. Well-balanced.
  • Tart, crisp, light and refreshing. Doesn’t even really taste like beer, but I dig it.
  • Mild. I don’t like IPAs but I’d drink this IPA. It tastes a little like a flower, but a flower I’d drink.
  • Easy to drink; light hops finish. Is there such a thing as a summer IPA? Because this is it.
  • 0754

Lakewood Hop Trapp Belgian-style IPA

  • Polyester, some kind of unnatural additive flavor.
  • Off-putting aftertaste. Kind of burnt tasting.
  • More bitter than A. It was kind of bland with a funky aftertaste.
  • I actually don’t mind this one, either. Not too bitter.
  • Aggressively piney on the front end; like chewing a pinecone.
  • 0538

Deep Ellum Dreamcrusher Double IPA

  • More malty and rounder, fruity and less bitter. Hints of pear or apple. Tastes more like nature.
  • Lots of citrus. I’m tasting oranges.
  • Weirdly fruity and a bit tart. I’d go out of my way to avoid this beer.
  • Sour. Not horrible.
  • Medicinal aroma; nose-wrinkling sour; blech!
  • 0241

Community Mosaic IPA

  • Cheeky. I feel it in my jowls. Finishes very wheat-y, like some IPA Blue Moon. Crossbreed.
  • More subtle hops, very easy to drink. On the floral side.
  • Really crispy and refreshing. tart, but in a good way.
  • Not good. Too tart. Too hoppy.
  • Why are these beers getting worse? This one’s like sucking on a charcoal briquette.
  • 0363

Deep Ellum IPA

  • I’m pretty sure this is El Chingón. These get better the more you drink . Like a family gathering.
  • Really skunk-y and overpowering.
  • Potent. An acquired taste.
  • Extremely floral and bitter tasting, and not in a good way. But then again, maybe that’s why I don’t drink IPAs.
  • Aggressive but balanced; a true IPA aficionado could appreciate this one.
  • 0560

Tally up:

Four Corners El Chingón IPA 4
Lakewood Hop Trapp Belgian-style IPA 1
Deep Ellum Dreamcrusher Double IPA 1
Community Mosaic IPA 0
Deep Ellum IPA 0

The winner is:

The El Chingón IPA from Four Corners Brewing Co. is the winner of this week’s blind taste test. The beer is 7.6% AVB and uses a variety of American hops and Munich malt. Once the beer is brewed they dry hop it, for an extra hoppy aroma. So, do you agree with the outcome? Do you have a favorite IPA? Let’s talk about it.


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  • actualpersonwhodrinksbeer

    “this one’s like sucking on a charcoal briquette”

    This is is a local beer that’s rated 93/100 on beer advocate.

    What were your qualifications? Anyone at the office who likes wine coolers?
    All of these beers are great.

    • DFWBrews

      I stopped reading when I saw that comment. It’s too sad. Way too sad.

  • jack

    Does everyone at D Mag hate beer? Next time, try getting some actual beer drinkers on the tasting panel. This is a real travesty.

  • wannabebeerdrinker

    the emojis = cool points
    had high hopes for deep ellum tho

  • beernerdette

    Yes, these are all versions of IPAs…but you can’t compare Imperial, Session, and Double IPAs like they are identical. The hops are also different which gives some a more citrusy flavor and others more green notes. Also in agreement to finding people who know a thing or two about beer, and actually enjoy it to review it. Otherwise, this is like asking my husband to review moisturizers. These are great (and award winning) local breweries whose products deserve much more consideration than “me no likey” and an emoji. This article was a waste of good beer and my time.

    • actualpersonwhodrinksbeer

      better put. Cheers!

  • TLS

    Deep Ellum IPA is my favorite of all IPAs anywhere. It is in my fridge right now and I smile large when their beer is available when dining out. Speaking of, Hey, Deep Ellum brewery…why are you not at Henry’s Tavern?

    My second favorite IPA is Deschutes Fresh Squeezed IPA. This is harder to find (never’ve seen it out) but Whole Foods and Total Wine sell it.

  • TXWayne

    So why are a bunch of folks who admittedly don’t like IPA’s reviewing them? They arrive at the best IPA bing the one least like an IPA. My personal favorite is easily Deep Ellum, it is outstanding and I get a growler of it at every opportunity.

  • beerdude

    I would be really interested to know how old all of the IPA’s they had were as well. If you don’t know beer, especially IPA’s, I could see them pulling a three month old one off a shelf somewhere and thinking nothing of it.

  • Rob Albright

    This is terrible. You should be ashamed of yourselves for publishing information that you clearly have not bothered to do any research on.

    Instead you decide to go ahead and besmirch the products of hardworking local craftspeople.

    It’s okay. I forgive you. But you all come across as completely clueless. Which is good to know, I guess.

  • kYle

    Oh dear gawd, the humanity! Beer Nerds’ heads are exploding over this.


    It’s a BLIND TASTE TEST FOLKS. IPAs are for those of us who enjoy punishing our palettes while getting buzzed slightly faster than our less adventurous friends

    Everyone’s taste is subjective. I’m not a fan of sours or really smoky porters, while others fervently insist they belong upon the throne as king of all beers. The nice thing is, unlike the days of corporate beer dominance, we all don’t have to drink the same type of beer any longer.

    Still. as an IPA fan, your review of the Mosaic is grounds for having your head shaved and banishment to wander the wastelands until the end of days. GLORY BE TO THE HOP, JUDGEMENT IS PASSED

  • CMS

    NO!!!! Are you serious? not when you bought them. When they were bottled (canned).

  • CMS

    +1 Yellow Rose VS Mosaic (for Texas IPAs available in Dallas).

  • CMS

    First of all don’t drink IPAs in succession. It doesn’t work. They will tend effect one-another greatly. There is a “refractory period” after drinking each one. This is a very bitter style, and the senses don’t simply recover to point zero after drinking each and eating a cracker.

  • DorianGray

    Thank you team D! If you get a group of beer nerds taste testing, they’ll be biased by branding (it is Dallas, loyalty and relationships trumps true greatness).

    • CMS

      I could tell you which of these beers is which in the dark blind-folded. The only two that are at all similar are Mosaic and Deep Ellum IPA. And even they aren’t that similar.

  • CMS

    Monk’s Cafe isn’t a bad choice, but a dry sour or brett beer would probably be better so as to masking the sweetness of the IPAs. But no palette cleanser will do the job. Change the drinking order and you’ll get a different result. If you eat your pancakes before drinking your orange juice, a pallete cleanser wont help. The orange juice will taste sour.

  • CMS

    He referring to the “bottling date”, not when you purchased the beers. Goody Goody is not known for selling a high volume of craft beers so they can sit on the shelves longer than at say Specs. Lovers of the American IPA style quickly learn how the weeks influence the brightness of the beers hop flavors. I prefer just about any decent IPA brewed within the month to a world class IPA brewed 3 months ago.

  • aurelius

    Off the radar recommendation:: go try the “ThaiPA” brewed in house and available on tap at Malai Kitchen in West Village. It’s $4 at HH and all day Sunday. They also brew 2 others, one of which is a lager made from rice. Great for summer.