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Taste Test Thursday: Corn Tortillas

A tortilla can make or break a taco.
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Cinco de Mayo is fast approaching and so we decided that this would be an ideal week to taste a variety of grocery store yellow and white corn tortillas. D Magazine staff tried 10 variations of the traditional Mexican unleavened discs. Here’s what happened.

The tortillas:

A. Dallas Tortillas
B. Mi Casa
C. La Mejor Corn
D. La Rancher Original
E. Mission White Corn
F. Tia Rosa
G. La Mejor Yellow Corn
H. Guerrero
I. Mission Yellow Corn
J. 365 (Whole Foods)

Tasting notes:

Dallas Tortillas

    • A bit tough and chewy.
    • Tastes like a petting zoo.
    • Dry.
    • Dry but good flavor.


Mi Casa

    • Nice and light, good corn flavor.
    • Pretty standard.
    • Chewy.
    • Strange texture.


La Mejor Corn

    • Like the size, looks homemade.
    • Nice flavor, kind of sweet.
    • Bland.
    • Nice and spongy.


La Rancher Original

    • Sturdy. Good for a quesadilla.
    • A little too earthy.
    • Like eating rubber.
    • Fine but kind of flavorless.


Mission White Corn

    • Good texture, but not much flavor.
    • Tastes like it’s been sitting on the shelf of the grocery store a little too long.
    • Like the best.
    • A bit of lime?


Tia Rosa

    • Running out if things to say.
    • Same as C.
    • Nice texture, more like flour.
    • Softer than Charmin double-ply.


La Mejor Yellow Corn

    • Rubber.
    • Tastes like healthy cereal! Not complaining.
    • Spungy.
    • Crunchy?



    • Leather.
    • Too salty and gross texture.
    • Bland.
    • Would pair well with guacamole.


Mission Yellow Corn

    • Flaky, falling apart.
    • Ew! Is this stale?
    • Tastes like oil.
    • This is the only one that’s BAD.


365 (Whole Foods)

    • Way too dry.
    • Terrible chewy texture.
    • Like biting into a piece of leather.
    • Good texture, can really taste the corn.

0316 (1)

Tally up:


A. Dallas Tortillas
B. Mi Casa
C. La Mejor Corn 2
D. La Rancher Original
E. Mission White Corn 1
F. Tia Rosa
G. La Mejor Yellow Corn 1
H. Guerrero
I. Mission
J. 365 (Whole Foods) 1


The winner is:

La Mejor Corn tortillas won this week’s taste test. Have you ever tried those tortillas before? Do you agree with the outcome? Who makes your favorite corn tortillas? Let’s talk about it.

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