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Restaurant Openings and Closings

Old Warsaw Will Close at the End of 2015. Reopening in April 2016.

Fancy new 14-story office tower in Uptown will replace The Old Warsaw.


Update: Looks like Old Warsaw is not closing. They will reopen in April 2016 just down the street at 2512 Maple Ave., the former address of the Montaigne Club.

Christine Perez, the smartest woman in this or any office, has the poop. Investors Mike Terry and Holt Lunsford have announced plans to develop a 14-story office tower in Uptown. So what you say? The 125,000-square-foot building will sit on Maple Avenue at Mahon Street on a one-acre site now occupied by The Old Warsaw restaurant.

Old Warsaw opened in 1848 1948 and is one of Dallas’ oldest war-horse restaurants. Back in the day, it was the go-to spot for table-side Caesar salads and desserts, piano and violin music, and fresh roses for the ladies. Only men received menus with the prices.

Long-time owner Al Heidari. He will continue operating the Old Warsaw restaurant for the duration of its lease through 2015. Then down it comes (call us for the fixtures sale, Al!) and up goes “classic glass tower, inspired by the architecture of early skyscrapers.” Natch there will be a glamorous new 7,500-square-foot restaurant, but alas no details. “We are looking for like-minded individuals who want a special tenant experience,” Lunsford said. “We hope to attract those who share our spirit of entrepreneurship, quality, and philanthropy.” Sadly, I’m sure those folks will not consider Beef Stroganoff a treasure to keep.

Here is my last review of La Vieille Varsovie. Oh, let’s share Old Warsaw memories! I once interviewed Roger Daltrey there and, in the process, spilled hot Cherries Jubilee on my white linen frock.