Photo by by Melissa Mackaly.

The Localist: Luscher’s Post Oak Red Hots

You can eat them plain, on a bun, with toppings, without toppings, however you choose.

Amidst all the buzz about Brian Luscher opening his new spot in Deep Ellum, I thought it was only appropriate to toot his horn one more time. If for some reason you do not recognize the name, let me tell you: Luscher owns The Grape on Lower Greenville, and recently opened a second restaurant called Luscher’s Post Oak Red Hots. He smokes a mean brisket, which won him a trophy a couple of years back at Meat Fight, and he is the “head sausage grinder” at Luscher’s Post Oak Red Hots.

The first time I tried a Luscher’s Red Hots was a few years ago at Untapped Festival. It was Labor Day weekend and it was approximately one million degrees outside. I don’t know about you but there are just a handful of foods that sound appetizing to me in that extreme heat, and a hot dog is one of them. In a sea of food trucks passing out french fries and tacos and some other less desirable things, there was Brian, in the corner, with his trailer and his smoker and his big smile. Let me say first, I was working the event (so now this second part doesn’t sound so bad) and I think I ate three hot dogs that day.

I had eaten at The Grape a few times before, so I knew Brian was a great chef but to take something so simple and make it so great, he’s sort of like a magician in my book. I normally like lots of toppings and spreads with my food, but hot dogs are different. I like bread, meatm and mustard. Oh, this is the part where I tell you he makes his own mustard, too. And it’s amazing.

Imagine my excitement when I realized you could buy Luscher’s Post Oak Red Hots and Luscher’s Spicy Brown Mustard at Green Grocer. They are perfect on the grill but if for some reason yours is covered in four inches of snow, they’re just as tasty when cooked in the oven. You can eat them plain, on a bun, with toppings, without toppings, however you choose. You will be pleased.