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The Localist: Constantin’s Bread

It makes an amazing grilled cheese.
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Photo by Melissa Mackaly.

The Localist: Constantin’s Bread

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Jimmy’s Food Store on Bryan Street is home to many local products. From house-made ravioli to cayenne-coated peanuts out of Garland, you can find a large variety of DFW merchandise on their store shelves. One of my favorites is Constantin’s Breads. I stumbled upon The Italiana loaf while waiting for a sandwich at the back of the shop.

Now, just because it’s Italian bread doesn’t mean it has to be covered in olive oil and eaten with pasta, although that is a great way to eat it. I use the Italiana bread for everything. It makes an amazing grilled cheese, it’s perfect for a plain old peanut butter and jelly sandwich and it toasts beautifully.

Another great thing about Constantin’s Bread is that it stays fresh for up to a week. And if you have any left after that week, it is great in recipes. It’s perfect for bread pudding because the texture doesn’t allow the egg mixture to consume it. So you get that bread feel without being too dry.
Because it is such a small company, they don’t have a website (yet) or a Facebook page that lists locations. I’ve only seen it at Jimmy’s but it’s most likely floating around in other Dallas stores.