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Taste Test Thursday: Delivery Pepperoni Pizza

Which pie is the most delicious according to D Magazine staff?
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Last year we conducted a delivery pizza taste test on SideDish. All of the pies were cheese, and while some were quoted as having “great flavor” and “good cheese to sauce ratio” there was a very clear winner.

i Fratelli dominated the competition with five of the 12 votes. We thought it’d be fun to conduct another delivery pizza taste test this week, except with different Dallas-area pies (we threw i Fratelli into the mix again to see if it still lived up to its reputation). We ordered four different pepperoni pizzas to the office yesterday afternoon. Here’s what happened.

The pizza:

A. Amico’s
B. Carmine’s
C. Sal’s
D. i Fratelli
(Side note: we tried to order Piggie Pies and Greenville Avenue Pizza Co. — Piggie Pies wouldn’t deliver to the office and GAPC doesn’t open until 5 p.m.)

Tasting notes:


  • I’m a sucker for thin crust, but the sauce on this one is too sweet.
  • Very floury. Very thin, flexible crust, but not so flexible that it falls apart like someone with no discipline. This pizza has discipline.
  • Flaky, floury crust. Sauce a bit too sweet. A bit bland overall.
  • Pizza as cardboard.
  • Very greasy, thin crust. Not enough sauce. Can’t really taste the pepperoni.
  • Garlic explosion in my mouth, yum! Wish the thin crust was crispier, though.
  • I like the seasoning. The crust was in between crispy and soft. Would have liked it to be more in either direction.


  • Good, classic pepperoni pizza right here. Great crust. Ah, childhood….
  • Cheese is a little rubbery. It also reminds me a bit of the kind of pizza you’d get in a school or a hospital cafeteria. Sweeter than I expected, too. Not really bad, but not great by comparison.
  • Chewy, almost squishy. Wish the pepperoni had more zest to push the slice into tasting like something more than cheese bread.
  • That’s pizza alright.
  • Pepperoni has a nice strong flavor. Also, very greasy. Little sauce.
  • Crust is basic. Texture is soft and flavor is lacking. Domino’s.
  • Very salty. Nice slightly doughy crust.


  • Kind of strange aftertaste. Like, burnt. Also sweet crust. Why sweet pizza???
  • Flavor dominated by pepperoni, which isn’t a bad thing. Buttery crust with a good amount of flakiness.
  • Still not there, but at least the pepperoni has flavor and there’s a decent balance with the sauce — crust needs salt.
  • Ton of grease, which is not a bad thing. Even a good thing, really.
  • Nice pepperoni flavor. All these crusts seem undercooked. Thick crust is bland.
  • I find it hard to say anything about this slice. Very forgettable.
  • Crust was hard to chew.

i Fratelli

  • Perfect, crispy, thin crust. Nice sauce, nice flavor, nice herbs. Blows the rest out of the water.
  • I like that crunch sound when you bite into this. Firm, crisp crust, very supportive when you need it. The lot of seasoning makes it visually appealing, too. But the firm crust also keeps a lot of the grease on top.
  • Can I spot i Fratelli from a mile away. They punch it up with oregano and have decent sauce and a touch of spice, but the thin, flaky crust still bothers me a bit.
  • Maybe a bit too crispy, but OK.
  • Love the crunchy, thin crust. Great flavor— clear winner!
  • Lots of oregano. This thin, crispy crust is perfection.
  • Crispiest crust. I like the spice on this one.

Tally up:

Amico’s 0
Carmine’s 0
Sal’s 3
i Fratelli 4

The winner is:

It was nearly a tie between Sal’s and i Fratelli, but the heavily-seasoned thin crust pie came out on top. I have to say that I agree with the tastes, i Fratelli makes a mean pizza. So, do you agree with the results? Do you have a favorite pizza in town? Let us know in the comments below.

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