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Nancy Nichols Steps Down as D Magazine’s Lead Dining Critic

Today I step down as the lead dining critic at D Magazine. Before the rumor mill mangles the truth, I will give you the short version.

I was going to avoid writing this post until the March issue of D Magazine goes online, on March 2. That way it would be easier to explain the reasoning behind my decision to change my life and my job. But then the mail went out, and, after subscribers received their magazines and read my story, I received some supportive emails and texts.

Before the rumor mill mangles the truth, I will give you the short version: I have developed a treatable medical condition that prevents me from eating certain foods. The process of discovering this disease took me almost three years. I rationalized the symptoms as signs of stress and overworking, and I did not seek help until I woke up one morning and could not move.

I’ve been writing about eating out in Dallas for almost 18 years. The job is a privilege and certainly has its brilliant moments. I love the restaurant business, and I’m lucky I have been able to experience it from both sides of the pass-through. I loved the years I spent cooking in a restaurant kitchen. It’s extremely fulfilling when people love what you feed them. It’s equally satisfying to have a healthy discourse with food lovers and restaurant owners.

I am not going anywhere. I remain D Magazine’s food and travel editor. I will continue to write features and profiles, contribute to SideDish, and work on new ideas to expand our dining coverage.

Eve Hill-Agnus is now the lead dining critic. She brings a unique writing style and a superb palate to D Magazine. I am thrilled to add her perspective to our collective voice.

If you want to read the not-so-glorious details of my journey now, you’ll have to buy a magazine. Otherwise, you will have to wait to learn about my intimate relationship with Depends when the story goes online.