Highland Park Village to Add Two New Restaurants: K.T. Burger and 5 Creeks Tavern

The spaces formerly occupied by Toko V and Village Kitchen will, once again, get another chance at life.

Ray Washburne (pictured) and his best friend and partner, Buddy Cramer< will open two new restaurants in Highland Park Village. (Photography by Manny  Rodriguez)
Ray Washburne (pictured) and his best friend and partner, Buddy Cramer, will open two new restaurants in Highland Park Village. (Photography by Manny Rodriguez)

The spaces formerly occupied by Toko V and Village Kitchen will, once again, get another chance at life. The downstairs will become K.T. Burger and the upstairs will morph into 5 Creeks Tavern.

The brains behind the project are Ray Washburne of M Crowd and co-owner of Highland Park Village and his best friend forever, Buddy Cramer, the “reformed commercial real estate lawyer” turned restaurateur. Cramer and Washburne are the main team behind both Katy Trail Ice House locations and Bandito’s Tex-Mex Restaurant in Snider Plaza.

Washburne and Cramer toyed with the idea of bringing Shake Shack to HPV, but decided to do their own thing. “Ray and I have known each other since the fourth or fifth grade,” Cramer says. “We grew up around here and nobody understands what this place wants more than he or I do.”

Both places will be low-key neighborhood hangouts. Not Village Kitchen low-key, they had a chef (Andre Natera). “I’m not a cheffy guy,” Cramer says. “I don’t believe in it. I’m about making good food. I find once something [a food item] is made to my specs, I can get someone to make the same thing over and over. I keep my menus small and simple.”

K.T. Burger will incorporate the ice cream shop in the theater and be a burgers and milkshakes joint. Besides burgers, the menu will feature salads, wine, and local craft beers on tap. Oh, and margaritas and beeritas. Cramer anticipates opening K.T. Burger just after the first of 2015.

5 Creeks Tavern is a more ambitious project and probably won’t open until March 2015. Cramer is installing a 7,000-pound Stefano Ferrara oven, the traditional Neapolitan handcrafted wood burning oven. Will he attempt to be the next VPN certified pizza joint in Dallas? “No, I’m not gonna do that,” Cramer says. “I want to offer several types of pizza. I really want this place to be a hangout with low-price options. We aren’t going to be Italian. We’re really going to be a neighborhood tavern.”

5 Creeks Tavern, named for the five creeks that once ran through the Park Cities area and drained into Turtle Creek, will feature six fresh pasta dishes each day, pizza, panini, and other sandwiches. The full bar menu will also offer 16 wines on tap and 16 beers on tap.

They are restoring the historic space back to the original brick walls and hanging old photographs of the Park Cities area. Cramer has spent many long days researching the history of the area and has come up with some interesting memorabilia.

“A lot of people [restaurateurs and developers] feel they need to put in something high-minded because it’s Highland Park Village,” Cramer says. “We want to make a comfortable, casual place where families can hang, or people can come in and have a beer and watch a game or have a glass of wine from our wine bar. Just a regular place to go.”


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  • lakewoodhobo

    Now you can get a burger and HPV at the same time.

  • TBC

    Didn’t Ray & The Gang kick out Who’s Who Burger? Not like he was the first person to come up with this idea. He’s just the only one that can afford to put a lower priced restaurant in HPV because he controls the lease prices of the space he’s renting from himself.

  • JohnJacob

    Way to keep it local. Those guys are rich white guys but they do a great job of delivering beer and burgers at sensible prices. Mi Cocina excluded.

  • Jim

    What about Patrizio’s? I know they are getting the boot. Or any news on Tom Thumb. Lots of changes coming to HPV.

  • Bob

    Sure, who needs chefs? I love going out for food anyone can cook.

  • Mavenmere

    Yep, I’m very okay with this. More for us “old school” HP kids who actually grew up here and miss the “hang-out at the Village” vibe that hopefully will intermix well with our children’s’ generation. Less pretentiousness works here!

  • Dre

    Wish he would have gone with Shake Shack!!! Best burgers ever!!


    I actually think these may work. I like the idea of a Tavern./Sports bar. Hopefully , they can keep the food edible and prices down , (in line with Katy Trail Ice House)

  • joeat

    Is “K.T. Burger” the best name they could come up with?

  • HPV neighbor

    He’s already ruined HPV by turning it into the next lower Greenville. How hypocritical to post old pictures of the Park Cities while destroying the character that made it such a desirable place. Now we have, even more high traffic, and nightclubs. All the while, he’s kicked out all of the old standby neighborhood shops; Tom Thumb will be gone next year.When you have that many bars and nightclubs you get the noise, the drunks and the crime to follow. It’s shameful what Washburn and co. have done.

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  • Meh

    How is it the next lower greenvile? They are putting in high-end couture stores that only they can afford. If anything it used to be lower greenville with the Tom thumb, a terrible run down italian restaurant, a sub par mexican joint, a cobbler (which is damn good), a sandwich shop, etc. HPV neighbor, you dont know what youre talking about. Things evolve. It happens. Im surprised you were able to comment on this post with your rotary phone and Dallas Times Herald subscription…

  • JohnG

    Excited to see this! I’ve been missing this kind of food in HPV since the departure of Who’s Who. And the space above the theater is so nice, it will be great to be able to have a drink up there again with a view out to the rest of the shopping center.

  • Jody Hunt

    Finally, something low key! As a Park Cities resident, I’ve been really disappointed in all the haute couture stores that have been going in lately. Ok, I admit, I tried to get my husband to buy one of the French men’s bathing suits (remember that place?) but, sadly, he refused.

  • Jackson

    Smart decision, and I comment as a 50-something raised in the Bubble. High-end shopping is one thing, but HP Village was never a fit for high-profile drinking and dining like Marquee Grill or Toko V sought to be, and for a simple reason: Park Cities residents under the age of 50 have all of Dallas at their doorstep. They don’t “stay at home” with the bright lights of the city beckoning, which is why Marquee fizzled once its initial buzz wore off. Café Pacific became a mainstay precisely because it didn’t try to be cutting-edge, but rather a solid experience in a quality setting.

    The description of both K.T. Burger and 5 Creeks Tavern as “low-key neighborhood hangouts” sounds like just what the doctor ordered.