Flashback Friday: Novice’s Guide to Wine

Take a step back in Dallas dining history.

The July 1980 issue of D Magazine delves into life at the Seagoville Federal Correctional Institute (which was pegged as the cushiest prison in Texas at the time), lists the best neighborhoods to live in Dallas and covers the basic facts that every wine-sipper should know. Contributing wine editor, Elmer Ray Spurr, goes over the rules for serving, ordering and pairing vino. There’s also a few grafs on the “best” wines in the world. So what are they according to Spurr? You’ll have to read to find out. Spoiler: Dom Pérignon does not make the cut.

Click the images to enlarge and take a step back in Dallas dining history.






  • dallasboiler

    Fun read! Thanks for sharing. I can usually mentally adjust for price inflation just fine, but it’s still hard not to wish that you could grab a couple Bordeaux at those 1980s prices. It’s interesting to hear that, as much as the wine world has changed since 1980, it really hasn’t. (Particularly the part about California wines being fully valued relative to their peers.)

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