Most Distinctive Eating Habits of Each US State

This interactive map shows which foods dominate menus compared to other areas of the country. And Texas really loves jalapeños.

So this genius over at FastCo databased 59 million menu items to identify each state’s “crown jewel” food. This map is pretty fascinating, and if you go to the website, it’s interactive. Is it any surprise that Texas favors jalapeños?

Things I like about this map:

–Every state has some mention of ranch dressing, except New York. It’s literally negative in ranch.
–North Dakota, I just want to know: how is sugar a food?
–Regarding my home state of Arizona: “blended” is definitely a food group during hot summers. How else would you drink a margarita when it’s 118?

Graphic by Gus Wezerek of FastCo.
Graphic by Gus Wezerek of FastCo.